The 1988 comedy classic, Coming to America‘s much anticipated sequel and is almost here! Set for release on 5th March, enthusiasm for the Amazon Prime special is shooting right through the roof. 

In the original, Eddie Murphy casts as Prince Akeem, the royal heir to a fictional African nation, who- tired of his privileges- turns down an arranged bride-to-be presented by his parents and travels to New York with his personal aide, Semmi, played by Arsenio Hall, in search of true love.

Left to Right: Murphy and Hall in Coming to America, the original

The sequel (Coming 2 America) follows a much older Akeem (played by Murphy) who is set to ascend the throne as King. He discovers from his ailing father that he had a son he never knew about from his last visit to America. To honor the dying wish of his father to groom this son as the crowned prince, Akeem and Semmi set off to America once again.

Left to Right: Hall and Murphy in Coming 2 America, the sequel.

In this spin off, Murphy and Hall reprise other supporting roles from the last instalment joined by other cast members and interesting newcomers like Tracy Morgan and the veteran Wesley Snipes.

Both the original and sequel draw roots from the real-life friendship between Murphy and Hall, who were recently involved in a video interview. Edited excerpts from the interview can be read here.

Despite the near certainty of not having a second instalment, Coming 2 America has finished filming and will be released on 5th March, 2021 officially on Amazon Prime Video. This may just be the most highly anticipated movie in its genre and the reason you’d laugh your heart out this year.

Here’s a 2-minute trailer to seduce you.

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