Sometimes, travelling  by yourself without a companion can either be a bore or make you feel miserable. Personally I feel miserable when travelling alone without my phone or a book keeping  me company. However, I discovered a new travel companion: the camera.

‘A creative person is one who continuously find ways to get inspired’. I never thought the camera will make an interesting travel companion till I decided to go for it.

However, one needs to have few tips at hand in order to experience the joys of having the camera as a travel companion. First, you need to be bold, in order to approach people to be certain of the location you’re taking your shots, so you won’t get lost while in the euphoria of using the camera. Then, look friendly and warm, this will make it easier for you to approach people to pose for you, don’t be shy about it.

Moreover, remember to play safe by backing up you digital information especially your RAW files to portable hard drives. This will help you in case you lose your digital information. Don’t forget ‘If it’s not in three places, it does not exist’.

Though light is a basic necessity in photography, darkness should not deter you from taking pictures. That is why it’s relevant for one to use high-quality lens in order to get better shots; beautiful sceneries are transformed into photographic wonders at night. You’ll never know till you try.

Pictures are captured memories that tell stories without any words. Make your journey memorable with ‘THE CAMERA’ as your best travel companion.


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