By Temilade Oso

Warning: this article contains graphic nude imagery 

“If he’s not sleeping with her, then he’s trying to.”

This is biggest misconception attached to nude photography. To put your mind at rest, this is not usually the case. In this article, I’ll be giving you reasons why you can actually date someone who takes pictures of naked people, especially women for a living. Before we get into that, let me clear the air on what nude photography entails.

First of all, nude photography is acting. It is the creation of photographs which contains an image of a nude or semi-nude person and it is taken for a variety of purposes including educational, commercial purposes and artistic creations.

Following this, it is important that we understand that nude photographs are not always pornographic as they’re taken for several purposes.

In respect to the fine arts,  nude photographs are basically aesthetic and any erotic interest, which although is often present, is secondary.

Helmut Newton, Self Portrait with Wife and Models, Vogue Studio, Paris 1981
© Helmut Newton Estate / Maconochie Photography
“Ziegfeld girl Dorothy Flood with a mirror” (1920s), by Alfred Cheney Johnston

So, why should you date a nude photographer?

No one appreciates a woman’s nudity better than a nude photographer. He will discover something plain about your body and turn it into something beautiful.

Nude photographers are very outgoing, as they love going out and taking pictures, so be ready for an adventure.

“Nude Recumbent Woman” (2011) by Jean-Christophe Destailleur
Body Landscape (2017), by Cosme Madini
“Nudes” (1980) by Augusto De Luca
Photo by Afkrii, Pexels
Photo by Cottonbro, Pexels

They notice every single detail about you. From the tip of your fingers to the birthmark on your belly button, down to your ruined toe nail.

A nude photographer will try really hard to impress you with deets. Every moment with him is amazing.

They don’t have to say words to compliment you, they’ll show it when they ask you to pose for them when you’re together. (Tip: always find a place with enough lighting. Thank me later!)

They give free photography tips and help you put with best ways to flaunt your features in pictures. Don’t be shy to ask him for tips.

Their flirting skills is top notch! Even if you’re shy, they’ll airways find a way to make you blush by taking pictures of you in public. 

They’re super creative as they view things from a different perspective. They’re constantly inspired by their surroundings and they have really beautiful and bold imaginations. 

Finally, they love making memories. Trust that every moment with them will be properly documented and that is the beauty of a relationship. You don’t want to miss out on such loving experience.

Photo by Alexander Krivistskiy, Pexels
Photo by 4th Finger Studio, Pexels

You don’t have to be worried about his nude models, if he loves you, then he is yours. Models are just business partners. So, when a nude photographer is rushing you, rush him back because this is your opportunity to have a beautiful Valentine experience in 2022!

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