This poem though written by two distinct writers both has very similar themes. Antivirus talks about the effects that the corona pandemic has on different parts of human life.

We need antivirus not closure

The infected are being quarantined

And the NOT are being isolated

Black on black me are sent out.

To surcease people from any form of powwow

The educational sector is affected

We now depend on E-teaching

Our families are affected

We now survive with morsels

When you swimming in the pool of grains

Population is decreasing everyday

Loved ones are being quarantined

And the DOVEN of the land are mute


Being mute is not the next step BABA

Are we to remain silent?

Till this disease behead us all

We need a cure – an antivirus

And not just preventions


Our death toll is climbing high.

Submitted by PENABSTRACT

Categories: poetry


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