When you are going through a tough time and you tell people about, they always find a not so similar situation and say they can relate to your problem, but that is not the case cause no problem can ever be the same or have the same solution; and nobody can ever be you.

Its fine, you say,

I’ve been there too.

But I’m sure it’s ugly, and

You have never been here;

You tell me to be strong

Others have had it worse;

 I know none of them had this,

None was made for this but me.

My heart fights only fears mine,

My eyes shed none but my tears,

The path mine do my feet thread,

This race is mine and none else’s.

I am not everyone else,

I am not they all but me,

So if you want to love me,

Love me not as all but as me.

Submitted by GODS-TREASURE

Categories: poetry


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