Like the name of the poem implies, the poem talks about forgiveness. Whenever someone does something bad they carry the weight on their shoulder even they’ve been forgiven by the people they wronged….. its just best to forgive oneself.

Achọ yi maabo
Achọ yi nancha

one feel
wronged by the Sun,
mistreated and
let down by one’ shadow.

Ọdịnya no dobụ
mịa jé tábọ gébébé
ọlè noyọńyàn
Achọlè á júácha á tá koká

closure from the Moon
and seeking
and getting
justice from the Rain
will only smolder one’ scar
Ọhẹ ná dá jẹ na yì
achọhí nọle mpéchẹ
Achọ hi gày pìụwa
nọhẹ che liyuwá

one have to seek
healing from forgiving all,
most importantly, oneself.


  1. Language – Idoma is one of the major tribes of Benue State, Nigeria.
  2. Translation – the idoma part of the piece is a story six times longer than the actual piece whose moral is better summarized with the English parts.

Submitted by Amami. H

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