Retro art is an undeniably attractive genre, and it has grown of late on the African art scene. But thep op-African art of Nigerian artist and illustrator @williamschechet is a genuine tour de force.

 The mostly black and white characters, compellingly real and yet stably abstract, seem to have slipped into a glitch in time-space and found themselves unperturbed in an undefined but pop-coloured future.

These people in these artworks may be nameless, but they do have personality. They do not move, but one feels as though they should, because they are clearly alive. The backdrops boldly inform us of the retro worlds in which they exist and live, prosperous and self-assured.

Chechet is a master of atmosphere, he makes certain in every piece that we have no doubts about that. If you’d like to bear witness to that fact in person, he is holding a solo exhibition called HYPERFLUX at the Retro Africa Gallery in Abuja, Nigeria, till April 30th. 

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