Segmented Advertising

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Segmented Advertising is a product designed to help you gain trust and engagement from potential customers.

You’ll have a space on our social media platforms and website to share your skills and expertise.

Your presentation will be shared with an audience of over 30,000 across the following our accounts and partners’ accounts on the following platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Scenario one: You are a gadgets merchant using Segmented Adverting

You can create short media pieces on:

  1. Best phone brands to buy
  2. How to maintain your gadgets
  3. Low-cost accessories

Scenario two: You are a graphic designer using Segmented Adverting

You can create short media pieces on:

  1. Best colours for different brand logos
  2. Common mistakes people make when they create designs with phone apps
  3. How to get and hire a good graphic designer

What you’ll benefit:

  1. Trust: As you share your skill and experience, people will trust that you are good at what you offer.
  2. Product Sales: you can use your presentation to describe how a particular product/service works and why the audience needs them.
  3. Audience Engagement: We’ll ask those with questions and enquires to contact you via your social media handles and other communication channels. These enquirers can be converted to customers and referrers
  4. Brand Awareness: People who view your presentation(s) will become familiar with your brand and your products/services.
  5. Increased Followership: On the platforms where the video will be shared, your handles will be included in the post description. Viewers who like that they see will check your profile. From there, you can gain new followers and increased patronage.
  6. Class: Your presentation will give potential customers the idea that you are a world-class brand that can deliver on your promises.

COST: 1000 per week (one segment). 3,000 monthly (four segments). Note that this fee includes presentation design.

Contact us for more information

WhatsApp (only): 08130595452

Direct messaging via Instagram/Twitter: @lavismag

Call\Text message: 07057174397

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