As kids, we had it ingrained in us that the world exists as a cornucopia of binary oppositions more like words and opposites. For God, there is Satan. For boy, there is girl. For a man, there is a woman. For big, there is small. For the rich, there is the poor. For Liverpool, there is PL trophy. And for Arsenal, there is CL trophy. These were meant to be parallel lines that should never meet until Jurgen Klopp and his merry men found a way around it. Liverpool’s parallel line took a sharp turn to hook up with the parallel line of the Premier League.

It is quite unbelievable that a club of Liverpool’s stature went on a 30-year league drought. To get a better perspective of this, consider this. Before the Premier League was formed, Liverpool had 18 English league titles to their name compared to Manchester United’s paltry seven. Fast forward to 21 seasons later United had added 13 league titles to their previous seven to pull clear of Liverpool who was still stuck on 18.

Liverpool’s title drought goes further back than the 1992/1993 season. The last time they won a league title before this latest triumph was the 1989/1990 season. Thirty years of pain and anguish. They had to watch Manchester United surpass their league haul with ease.

It was not all downhill for Liverpool in those 30 years of league drought. They were FA Cup champions thrice in that period. They also won the League Cup four times and a UEFA Cup title. There was the Miracle of Istanbul that culminated in a Champions League trophy in 2005. In all of these, the Premier League was still missing. It was their holy grail. Memories of Gerrard’s Anfield slip that gave Manchester City the title in 2013/2014 are still fresh and still a subject of an internet meme to date. That was not the only time they were nearly men. Their 97 point-haul from last season would have won them the title in any other season except that particular one. Guardiola’s expensively-assembled centurions beat them to the title.

Liverpool’s long wait for a Premier League title is finally over. Arsenal clings on to their last bit of pride – The Invincibles, while their search for a Champions League trophy continues. Klopp and his boys can bask in the euphoria of their well-deserved title triumph. They can thank the noisy ‘kingmakers’ from London for hastening the process.


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