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KANO – In a series of deleted tweets, Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote expressed his love and passion for cement and how that has transformed his life.

In one of the tweets, Dangote said, “The motivational speakers are right. Instead of looking for a venture that will bring in funds, build your business on passion. I sell cement because I have a passion for it, not because it is in demand.”

Dangote’s statement aligns with the arguments of motivational speakers on WhatsApp, Telegram and Zoom seminars who often tout passion as the way to succeed in life. These speakers have argued that people fail because they don’t pursue their passion.

When a social media user asked Dangote if passion is enough, the cement mogul replied, “Yes! Passion is enough. I am passionate about cement. I wish I could eat it for breakfast. Even if the demand for cement falls to zero today, I will still be producing cement.” He then added, “I also have a passion for Flour, Sack, Sugar, Spaghetti, Fruit juice, Noodles, and recently Petroleum and Fertilizer.”

When asked for a comment, a representative of Arewa Twitter had this to say: “Passion is everything. You decide what your customer wants and not the other way round. If you have a passion for cakes baked with bitter leaf, then produce it and force it down your customer’s throat.”

Senior Advocate of Twitter, Bode Thomas also chipped in. “It is on record that the world’s richest men do not listen to the market. They don’t care about the seasons. For instance, I have a friend that has developed a passion for facemasks. He is building a factory that will produce one million facemasks daily.”

That was not all. He continued: “Even when the coronavirus ends and demand for facemasks drops, my friend will keep on producing facemasks. And if the factory crashes, then it is the work of his village people who don’t want him to succeed.”

We also reached Chioma Chika for a comment. The woke feminist said when businesses fail, it is either because the business owner did not build the business on his/her passion or the village people were at work.

Other factors like bad government policies, insecurity, bad roads and epileptic power supply were considered reasons given by lazy people who did not build on their passion.

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