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LAGOS – Multiple award-winning singer David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has revealed the source of his wealth.

In a recently uploaded video, that was promptly deleted, the Risky Crooner stated, “People’s opinions are everything. You need to constantly listen to what people think of you. You cannot form an opinion on your own. Other people’s opinions must guard your life.

Just as the video was uploaded, a quick viewer asked Davido if one should listen and react to everyone’s opinion regardless of whether the opinions are right or wrong. The father of many children had his to say:

People’s opinions are everything. It doesn’t matter if they understand you or not. It doesn’t matter if they are willing to support you. All that matters is their opinion. I used people’s opinions to buy my house in Banana Island. That is why I rely on them so much.

A twitter influencer, Chioma Chika was quick to hit the “reply with comment” button on Davido’s tweet and said this: “One thing I have learnt in life is to take people’s comments seriously. Especially bad comments. If they say you are trash, then you are trash. Feel free to kill yourself.”

That tweet got over 70,000 retweets and 360,000 likes. So many users had testimonies to share under the tweet.

One commenter said: I wanted to ask my ex for money to invest in my business. I told my friends and they said it was stupid. Now, I invest my friends’ opinions into the business. My business is growing, Glory be to God.

Another commenter chipped in: After university, I got a job as a clerk for 20,000 naira. I wanted to take the job because I was very broke at the time. However, I read tweets on how 20,000 naira was too small for a university graduate. Right now, I am living large with those tweets.

Senior Advocate of Twitter, Bode Thomas applauded Davido’s tweet. “It is wonderful that people are paying attention to the opinions of strangers on twitter. I can see happy billionaire coming out of this.”

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