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WAKANDA – The Wakandan Senate has approved a bill that guarantees presidential drivers a salary of 10 million naira per month.

The Wakandan Ambassador to Nigeria announced the news in a press conference and explained why the Wakandan Senate approved such a bill.

“It was actually my idea. I have been in Nigeria for a few years and I couldn’t help but notice how much Nigerian politicians earn while in office and after office. Some of them earn salaries and allowances that sum up to hundreds of millions. I asked around that I learned it was because of their selfless service.

And honestly, I get it. These politicians work a lot to ensure the country stays poor. They approve budgets that do not favour the educational and health sector. Insecurity is rife in the country. When they are done with political office, they move on to enjoy loots.

I even heard some of them embezzle money. I am not sure but if it’s true, then kudos to them. Embezzling money is a selfless act and they should be rewarded with more money.

That is why I recommended that the Wakandan Senate also reward those who carry out selfless service for their country. Unfortunately, the Wakandan Senate s decided that presidential drivers do a lot more than these politicians.

The Senate claimed that those politicians do not deserve their huge pay. They believe drivers even deserve more pay than politicians. After all, drivers do what they are paid to do without making a noise and there are no corruption allegations against them.

It is annoying, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Reacting to a tweet that shared a video clip of the interview, popular Twitter influencer, Bode Thomas had this to say. “I don’t understand the problem of the Wakandans. How can you say a politician that fights his way into public office and enriches himself and his friends do not deserve their huge pay. It is a travesty.”

Chioma Chika, another twitter influencer was very angry. “Saying the presidential drivers are better than the politicians is an insult. It is an insult to every hardworking Nigerian. Why? Because Nigerians are enjoying the benefits of these politicians. When these politicians steal, they have more money to share during elections.”

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