KWARA – Over the weekend, a pastor in a white garment church gave the inside scoop on the politicians that will lose their lives before the end of the year. In his words

The following politicians will die this year. Listen to me attentively. This is a direct revelation given to me by the Lord.

First, any politician that doesn’t steal will die of poverty. As a politician, you need to steal to survive. It is your oxygen

Second, any politician that invests in healthcare will die of foreign diseases. Why? Because when you invest in Nigeria’s healthcare, you deprive yourself of money to pay for foreign healthcare

Third, any politician that tries to improve agriculture will die of hunger. Politicians are supposed to spend their money on their bellies and bellies of their cronies. To do otherwise is to invite hunger into your lives

Fourth, any politician that stands for truth will die of ridicule. This is the most important prophecy ever. If you are involved in politics and you try to do what is right, you’ll die by ridicule. It’s better for you to be corrupt like your friends and live long.

Fifth, any politician that will fulfill his campaign promises will die the worst kind of death possible: political suicide. The moment you commit this sin, you’ve made yourself ineligible for future political appointments. That means you are dead.


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