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IBADAN – A twitter user residing in Ibadan has threatened to kill himself if AY decides to work with ‘Ikorodu Boys’.

For those who are unaware, ‘Ikorodu Boys’ are a group of young Nigerians who remake trailers of popular movies and video clips. One of their recent remake was a movie feature The god of thunder pretending to be a local gunfighter.

On seeing the remake video, the said twitter user was said to have ejaculated at once. Further investigation showed he was wanking to a soft porn video.

In his tweet, he said “I was watching a soft porn video on twitter when my father walked into the room. I immediately scrolled up and that was when I saw the ‘Ikorodu Boys’ remake of Extraction trailer. It was too good to be true. The thrill of seeing the video and my previous wanking forced me to ejaculate at once.”

Hours later, the Ibadan boy realized that NETFLIX had seen the video and liked it. He couldn’t contain his excitement. That was when he began a new series of tweets.

Because Ay and other Celebs didn’t work with ‘Ikorodu Boys’ before now, they have no right to work with them ever. After all, AY and Tunde Ednut receive money from the government to promote performers.

When he was asked for proof, he said:

AY and Tunde Ednut are required to feature them regardless of whether they are paid to do so or not. By the laws of Nigeria, they are supposed to feature every upcoming performer on their platforms. Look at NETFLIX, they have been working with ‘Ikorodu Boys’ from the very beginning. In fact, if AY or any other Nigeria celeb tries to work with ‘Ikorodu boys’, I’ll kill myself.

Senior Advocate of Twitter, Bode Thomas, immediately took up the case.

My client is right. It doesn’t matter if those who are bashing AY and other Nigerian Celebs for not helping those guys have tried to help. It doesn’t matter if twitter users have never donated a dime. They have the right to declare who can work with ‘Ikorodu Boys’ or not.

Arewa twitter refused to comment. They said, “To our understanding, there is no northerner in the group. As such, we have nothing to say.”

Legendary twitter feminist, Chioma Chuka noted there were more males than females in the group. She demanded that the lady in the group should be made the head of the group.

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